Going green with leather: FinWatchStraps knows how!

Going green with leather: FinWatchStraps knows how! - finwatchstraps

Replacing a watch strap does not sound very exciting, but that’s where you are wrong. Whether your watch has been passed down from generation to generation or it’s a brand new face, the strap can really become a focal point if you know where to look. 

It doesn’t matter which country you are from, a custom made leather watch strap is the perfect gift for anyone, even yourself! It is very unique to have a strap made especially for you. These days you can order almost anything from the internet and customizing a watch strap is no different. 

Whether you want it dark or light, full of motifs or plain, ordering a new watch strap online can be a very rewarding experience. Your consultant will be able to give you more information with regards to the services they offer, but every strap is unique. And yes, you will most likely be able to bequeath it to your next of kin, that is how sturdy and durable Finnish leather products are. The difference is that the shop you order from is most likely a family business and they will have at least three generations worth of time and experience. Like with diamond cutting, the skills are passed from father to sun and again. Elegance and durability is absolutely the name of the game in Europe, considering that they have artefacts and products from decades and even centuries that still last. 

You might be concerned about shipping time. But it is worth it, trust me. You can go around the corner and buy a plastic watch for a couple of bucks or you can have a little bit of patience and a lot of suave. Order in advance and your gift will be on time! Remember to ask Finwatchstraps for updates in order to keep track of the process! It makes the wait so much more worth it. But now for the negative side to this elegant industry. 

It makes sense to go back to the people who gave us German engineering, for example. But how do I know that my watch’s strap’s leather is not killing the earth? And will it actually make a difference if I buy just one that comes from an endangered species? Finnish people know about quality and lately the whole world has been moving towards a greener future. Finland is no different. And yes, it will make a difference. If a thousand other people think the same way, that will be one thousand but it’s just one’ and you know what? The total is still more than just you. If every one had that attitude, the world would have no animals left. So yes, every decision you make has to be for the good of the earth, even when buying a watch strap. Not only will your watch strap be unique and special to you, it won’t leave a carbon footprint. 

We have learned that we need to check labels for fish, to see for example if your canned tuna contains dolphin meat. There are many other lists you can actually keep with you when you go shopping. When there is no more demand for these species, they will not be hunted and gunned and harpooned down for our pleasure. If your watch strap does not come from a sustainable and green company, you are as good as killing near- extinct alligators yourself. Also, when supporting massive companies, you are supporting mass killing sites and these corporate companies do not give a dime about the earth normally… Why would you buy from a company that has a fat cat CEO on top and no guilty feelings when you can support the one man business where skills have been passed down for generations? Instead of helping someone buy a Mercedes while killing extinct animals, support the smaller one man businesses in Europe and you can rest assured that another child can go to university, and the individual normally tries to replace what he took from the earth. 

It just makes sense to get a unique strap for your watch, but not at the expense of the animals of the earth. So take care where ever you end up buying from.

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